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As You Like It
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"Elizabeth Colwell gets great laughs for her portrayal of the doltish Audrey, who's won the heart (for a while, at least) of Touchstone the Fool."

                -Ruth Ross, NJ ARTS MAVEN

Titus Andronicus
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"Among the large cast, Elizabeth Colwell makes the most of a role as brief as her character's life."


                -Philip Dorian, Scene on Stage

It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey


"Elizabeth Colwell is so good at playing the seductive Violet Bick that it’s a bit of a shock when she transforms herself into the innocent child Zuzu."


                -Jay Lustig, NJ Arts

"Elizabeth Colwell is a hoot ping-ponging from sexy Violet Bick to cute little Zuzu."


                -Kevin Coughlin, Morristown Green

"West's excellent cast does great work to bring this story alive…the entire ensemble does fine work to fill these characters out fully."


                -Patrick Maley, Star Ledger

"The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey has assembled the ideal company for this theatrical delight. They master the storytelling and capture the humor that occurs when the radio performers quickly transition to portray multiple roles."


                -Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

For Annie
The Hearth


"The lovely and forceful Elizabeth Colwell makes a fierce and haunting appearance as the spirit of Annie who despairs at how her life has become mythologized."


                -Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene

"The staging of the climax in pitch darkness is very effective, and surprise late entrance of a second Annie (Liz Colwell), whose role we won't spoil here, raises new questions about authenticity and the experience and performance of grief, while also forcing the audience to reassess everything that it just watched."

                -Leah Richard, Culture Catch

"Anyone attentive to the news will know sexual assault and gender-based violence are commonplace horrors of campus life, and that reality makes thoughtful artistic investigations of the subject — especially driven by women artists — much-needed. Miller’s cast brings high energy and an ensemble spirit to the production, and Hyland writes with compassion."


                -Miriam Felton-Dansky, The Village Voice

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"Brian Crowe's excellent direction, exciting staging and the stellar cast make Coriolanus absolutely outstanding.”


                -Marina Kennedy , Broadway World

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